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Identifiant (ID) Nom Durée Vue d'ensemble
2488 Inkscape and printing 14 hours handling the program to support the use of vector graphics for printing creating logos moving elements drawn on paper to-vector tracing and coloring folding business cards, letterhead, certificates and similar materials folding leaflets advertising posters preparing to print raster and vector format Introduction the difference between vector and raster graphics file formats and extensions. problem resolution and color palettes Interface: document navigation tools additional panels document settings Shapes: creating, modifying. equalizing connect arrangement Selection: selection copied object transformations wireframe preview Colors: color palette the use of pallets gradient colors broadcasting stroke and fill colors Layers: the creation and organization of the layers properties of the layers arrangement of layers Text: edition text on a path text properties Editing tracks and waypoints: create Bezier curves edit points types of nodes connecting paths Exporting: Print to PDF save as raster graphics
2552 Inkscape 14 hours Introduction What is Inkscape? Uses of Inkscape Installing Inkscape Interface Overview Menu Bar Command Bar Snap Controls Toolbox Dialogs Basic Preferences Diagrams Rectangle Selecting and Transforming Selection Options Transform Dialog Navigating Duplicating Saving Color Swatches Fill and Stroke Dialog Paint Bucket Tool The Dropper Cloning Connectors Aligning and Distributing Stroke Options Node Tool Text Tool Basics Importing Raster Graphics Outputting Project Wrap-up Creating an Icon Ellipse Tool and Options Star Tool and Options Offsets Spirals Gradients Combining Paths Previewing an Icon Saving an .ico file and Review Logos Basic Tweak Tool Shatter Effect Logo Text Layers Live Path Effects Texturing Logo Text Masking: Reflections Grouping / Saving / Review Advertisement/Flyer Pencil Tool Graphic Brushes Pen Tool Basics Pen Tool Options Calligraphy Tool Background with Interpolate Clipping Path Fun with Extensions Text-based Logo Setting up Text Frames Filters Text-on-a-Path Bits and Pieces

Les Formations à Venir

CourseDate FormationPrix [A distance/Classe]
Inkscape - Strasbourglun, 2016-06-13 09:301890EUR / 2390EUR
Inkscape - Grenoblemar, 2016-06-14 09:301890EUR / 2390EUR
Inkscape and printing - Lyonmar, 2016-06-14 09:301880EUR / 2380EUR
Inkscape and printing - Remote Coursemar, 2016-06-14 09:301880EUR / 2380EUR
Inkscape and printing - Bordeauxmar, 2016-06-14 09:301880EUR / 2380EUR
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