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2482 Social Media - facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, google+ 7 hours Marketing on the Internet What is socialmedia? phenomenon of online communities Examples of current Internet campaigns The main advantages of social media over traditional communication channels Social Media and Advertising Business benefits resulting from the campaign socialmedia Selection of the communication channel E-Consumers - participants rather than users - who they are, they are looking for and what you expect? Basic terminology in e-marketing Targeting online advertising The performance indicators Efficiency and optimization activities Social networks: scopes, operation, function Building a community around the brand - goals and methods Engagement Marketing on social networks Word of Mouth Marketing - Opportunities and threats and a code of good practice. Viral Marketing - how to design a successful viral campaign advertising campaigns Handling of critical situations Overview and specifications of basic communication platforms and their use in various industries Facebook Twitter Google+ Microblogs Discussion Forums YouTube Our class Company blog Services news Citizen journalism Cooperation with bloggers Image creation Create a campaign image on the web Basic principles of creating communication strategies in social media Effective communication on the internet Language Internet. What to focus on and with what to give up. Mobile technologies. Rules for a good e-mailing Newsletters Analysis and monitoring whether our actions are achieving the intended benefits Available analytical tools and their application in practice: Statistics Facebook and YouTube Google Analytics Available Social Media Monitoring Tool Practical measurement of ROI, the cost of obtaining the user / customer and their activation Assessment of the impact of Social Media on the image of the brand as a whole Case studies Completion of training and assessment
2481 Facebook in advertising and marketing 7 hours Introduction What tools and the benefits of Facebook? Facebook as an effective tool for Social Media Examples of great successes on Facebook The attainment of the business: sales, image, activities Creating a strategy for building a business on the internet The foundation and to create your own profile Autoresponder. Setting facebook with WordPress Fan page, what it is and what gives? How to change the profile of the fan page? How to attract attention and gain new fans? How not to be reset? How to calm comments? How to measure the achievement of business objectives? Statistics - page Analytics Extras from Facebook for Business Positioning and optimization of the site on Facebook - SEO on Facebook Facebook in our company Gaining new fans through the "Like" (new) The "Like" Active ad on Facebook Integration with other services fanpage Social Plug-ins How do I get customers to promote any product / service among friends? LikeBox Facebook Connect Facebook Comments - effective comments Increasing effects Changing the design of Facebook - create bookmarks Discuss options and tools bookmarks Discussion of the successes and failures of competitions on Facebook - Talk Get more fans, customers and Promote your look with the contest on Facebook How to run a contest on Facebook accordance with the rules How to save the people using Facebook, the company's mailing list? How to use Facebook people to pull out of the house? Practical exercises
1706 Facebook Application Development 7 hours Facebook has become the most used social network worldwide and has social media face first. There are over 500 million Facebook users. Facebook phenomenon New infrastructure tools Tornado Cassandra Hive memcache Scribe Thrift others Implement robust real-time Web services cookie handling user authentication Security Localization static file serving

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