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Engagement with client- We work closely with companies to determine their exact requirements based on the profiles of the staff involved and the challenges and plans for the business Bespoke- We create bespoke learning pathways and can include not only the technical elements but more general skills such as Agile or the development of soft skills. Blended Approach - We use a blended approach to learning, our programmes are primarily live instructor led sessions, with elements of peer to peer working, self-study and 1-1 support. We can also utilise e-learning.   Collaborative Working - We place a great emphasis on working collaboratively with the business throughout every stage of a reskilling project – from conception to delivery to the eventual deployment of the cohort into their new roles. This ensures that course materials and practical activities are reflective of the practices undertaken within the business, ensuring that the skills and knowledge gained are relevant and immediately transferable for application within the delegates’ new roles.

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