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Formation à la Librairie jQuery JavaScript

Plan des Formations

Code Nom Durée Aperçu
jquery jQuery 14 heures This course has been created for web developers who want to simplify JavaScript development. This course covers the basics of jQuery all the way up to building plugins.
jqueryadv jQuery Advanced 14 heures This course has been created for web developers who want to master jQuery development, develop their own libraries and build a reusable jQuery code.
jsjqmvc Javascript / jQuery - MVC frameworks / MVVM and multilayer applications on the client side 7 heures The training is designed for JavaScript developers, designing and implementing advanced Internet applications. Topics discussed during the training aims to provide the advantages of separation-related software layers, not only on the server side but also on the side of your browser.
dsguihtml5jsre Designing Inteligent User Interface with HTML5, JavaScript and Rule Engines 21 heures Coding interfaces which allow users to get what they want easily is hard. This course guides you how to create effective UI with newest technologies and libraries. It introduces idea of coding logic in Rule Engines (mostly Nools and PHP Rules) to make it easier to modify and test. After that the courses shows a way of integrating the logic on the front end of the website using JavaScript. Logic coded this way can be reused on the backend.
fodev Front End Developer 35 heures This course is intended not just to introduce but to provide strong foundations and present best practices for HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap. Fundamental concepts are introduced along with Best practices through labs and hands on exercises. For a good enough coverage of all the topics HTML is addressed along with the other topics (CSS & JavaScript). The course is almost entirely hands on. Most of the concepts are discovered through code readings/execution & coding.

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