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UML Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML 24 heures This course is intended for analysts, designers, developers, testers and project managers. It is an introduction to system modeling using UML. Based on selected systems (case study) following phases of system modeling are presented: from modeling requirements, through business process modeling and documentation of functional and non-functional requirements, to the analytical model. The next step is the design phase - static and dynamic modeling using project classes and the interaction between the system components. For exercises is used Enterprise Architect - popular modeling tool. Training can be the basis for a comprehensive process modeling in enterprise systems through the use of UML in all phases of software development. Because training lasts only 3 days, participants perform exercises together with trainer, also state machine and code generation topics are marked as optional. For those, who are interested with gaining more experience in modeling with UML, this training can be expanded to 4 or 5 days, in which case participants have time to solve exercises themselves and compare them to model created during summary. In 4 days training all topics are mandatory, 5 days version also includes more advanced elements, in booth cases participants have much more time for exercises. This training can be also profiled for analytics or designers, in booth cases some changes in program are made to adjust it to recipients.
eraamauml Analyse Efficace des Exigences avec les Méthodes Agiles et une Modélisation Agile 21 heures Objectif: Aider la Maîtrise d'Ouvrage (MOA) et l'assistance MOA à comprendre comment réussir une analyse efficace des exigences en partant de leur vision métier et cahier des charges, tester les exigences et guider les développeurs précisement dans leur implémentation. Cette formation de trois jours a pour objectif d'aider les participants de la MOA à spécifier leurs besoins à partir de la vision métier et de découvrir les cas d'utilisation et user stories appropriés de leur système d'information en structurant ces besoins. En dernière étape, les participants y apprennent à passer à la description détaillée de leurs scénarios de cas d'utilisation et de user stories afin de les faire valider par les utilisateurs et préparer les tests de recette. Ainsi, en utilisant une modélisation UML agile appropriée au langage des analystes, cette formation leur permet de structurer leurs exigences afin de les communiquer efficacement aux analystes et concepteurs de la MOe au travers d'une démarche de recueil incrémental.
softengret Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering and Testing 63 heures This course demonstrates through hands-on practice the fundamentals and applications of software engineering, requirements engineering and testing.
ISAM1 ISTQB CTFL 21 heures ISTQB CFTL 70% theory + 30% practice
mbd Model Based Development for Embedded Systems 21 heures Model Based Development (MBD) is a software development methodology that enables faster, more cost-effective development of dynamic systems such as control systems, signal processing and communication systems. It relies on graphic modeling rather than the traditional text based programming. In this instructor-led, live training participants will learn how to apply MBD methodologies to reduce development costs and accelerate the time to market of their embedded software products. By the end of this training, participants will be able to Select and utilize the right tools for implementing MBD. Use MBD to carry out rapid development in the early stages of their embedded software project. Shorten the release of their embedded software into the market. Audience Embedded systems engineers Developers and programmers Format of the course Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice
jbehave JBehave: BDD with Java 7 heures JBehave is an open-source, Java-based BDD framework for writing tests in a natural language style. BDD, or Behavior Driven Development, is an agile software development technique that encourages collaboration among developers, QA and non-technical business people in a software project. This training begins with a discussion of BDD and how the JBehave framework can be used to carry out BDD testing for web applications. Participants are given ample opportunity to interact with the instructor and peers while implementing the concepts and tactics learned in this hands-on, practice-based lab environment. By the end of this training, participants will have a firm understanding of BDD and JBehave, as well as the necessary practice and toolset to write test cases for real-world software test scenarios. Audience Testers and Developers Format of the course Heavy emphasis on hands-on practice. Most of the concepts are learned through samples, exercises and hands-on development.

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